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We seek to not only provide a database but actively drive members in the community to the database through social media campaigns and other grass root marketing efforts.
Some racially minoritized people often feel that their needs go unmet, and voices go unheard when it comes to their mental health. Black people, Indigenous people, Latinx people, people of color make up more than 50% of the mental health population while only 19.1% of licensed mental health professionals share those racial or ethnic backgrounds.

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The search for therapists can be extensive and exhaustive. For minorities, it often doesn’t lead to people who look like them or have firsthand experience with understanding their daily challenges. This can leave them feeling distraught, and in some cases, frustrated with the process of finding help.

With the social, political, and economic struggles of today’s society, it is critical that structurally marginalized racial groups have resources that cater to their specific needs within their specific communities.

The Minority Mental Health Project is working to address this vital need by ensuring that these special, but limited therapists are easily found by the people who need them! We are doing this through a centralized database that highlights the licensed professionals who are equipped to consider and prioritize racial and other identity-related experiences central to mental health outcomes.

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